There are risks associated with hillwalking. In order to minimize these risks, we ask that all club members seriously consider the information on this page. Safety starts with each club member preparing for the walk in the right way! If you have any queries in relation to the content on this page, contact the Training and Safety Officer.

Gear List

Essential Gear List

(Without which no walk)

Other Useful Gear Items

Equipment can be purchased in Limerick at our sponsor's shop.

Radar Stores

Safety on the walk

Please phone the walk leader before the walk. The walk leader will explain to you the nature and difficulty level of the walk and answer any questions on the walk. For new members, be honest about your previous hill walking experience. The walk leader will be just trying to ascertain the needs of the people on the walk.

If, at any stage on the walk, you feel unwell, don't suffer in silence, alert the walk leader.

Do not leave the walk without consulting the walk leader. If, for some reason, you cannot complete the walk, the walk leader will make arrangements for the walk to be cut short or for someone to accompany you back to the cars.

The walk leader will find the best places to cross streams and other obstacles so go with this and don't take unnecessary risks.

Please ensure all your personal belonging are out of sight in the boot of your car at the start of the walk as there has been a number of instances of cars being broken into while people are walking.

In an emergency

Group Shelters

The club has 7 group shelters in its possession. The current holders are:

We would urge walk leaders to have a group shelter on their walk. This can be achieved by

  1. checking that one of the above members will be on your proposed walk, or
  2. arranging to get a shelter from one of the above holders & returning it to them after the walk.

Mountaineering Ireland Insurance

Mountaineering Ireland provides insurance for members - it is included in the membership fee that you pay to Limerick Climbing Club. Mountaineering Ireland insurance is mainly Civil Liability cover - this protects you if another person sues you (e.g. for negligence). Some Personal Accident cover is also included.

Civil Liability explained

Basically, liability insurance covers you for claims made against you for third party injury or damage caused. It protects you (and your assets) if somebody takes you to court - for example if you dislodge a rock causing injury to somebody else and that person sues you.

Civil Liability is a very wide wording that includes Public Liability (injury or damage to third party property or persons), Professional Indemnity (Errors and Omissions e.g. providing advice, even simple route advice or failure to act), Directors’ and Officers’ Protection (cover for bad decisions whilst acting as an executive of a club or association without this personal assets could be at stake, a separate limit of up to £1 million per period applies) Libel and Slander (if clubs or individuals are sued for unintentional libel/slander e.g. emails, published material and websites) and all other matters under Civil Law. The usual limit of cover under Mountaineering Ireland's Civil Liability policy is £5,000,000 for any one occurrence.

Personal Accident explained

Personal Accident cover provides you with a fixed benefit if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a permanent injury while engaged in one of the activities covered by our policy. Mountaineering Ireland's Personal Accident policy also covers injuries sustained while travelling to or from an insured activity in Great Britain or Ireland.

Please visit the Mountaineering Ireland Website fora full overview of what their insurance policy includes and excludes.

Updated: 23rd Aug 2011